What We Wear team up with Daily Paper to officially release their latest capsule collection

Bridging the gap between London and Amsterdam

After breaking new ground with their collaborative SS19 collection revealed London Fashion Week: Men’s in June, What We Wear and Daily Paper reunite to release the collection via a pop up store in Shoreditch, London.

Drawing from the organic relationship built between What We Wear and Daily Paper over the years, both brands aim to influence and inspire future generations of young people contributing to the fashion industry, whilst creating modern norms of combining quality and aesthetically pleasing products.

For this collection, we played with the notion of facing danger in combat, whether it be in a futuristic, science-fiction inspired world or the real world. Silhouettes are inspired by the ideology of utility and body-armour with clothing being used to conceal and protect the inner being whilst they go about their daily vocation. We explored uniforms for consistency, repetition and most of all, the anonymous profile. Functions and fabrics include sartorial stripes and heat reactive elements. The garments gradually blend from grey to a neon orange colour as the temperature rises, referencing army-style flight bombers.

Bridging the gap between London and Amsterdam, we focus on cultivating a community where we are encouraged to express and accept our individualism. An opportunity to explore how we are connected through similar experiences and challenge the systems that are set out for us by a detached voice. Fashion can be perceived as a team sport, all reliant on one thing – unity, with one common goal to win, for the namesake of one’s origins; threads of trust and commonality matched with skill is the true essence of a successful coalition.   


Photographer: Christina Ebenezer @c.ebenezer
Art direction & Styling: Beri Dalgali @beridalgali
Hair: Femi Managwu @_fcbm
Make-up: Anisha Williams @aclvisualsmua
Wardrobe assistant: Seyon Amosu @seyon_