What We Wear introduces the third season; the concept, opposing the modern-day ideology of how we are advised to dress. From a young age, society compels us to stand as strong individuals, visualise our future ambitions and exceed them by any means necessary. Later in life, the harsh hardships of reality are revealed in the Real World.

The initial influence of the AW18 collection derives from collective visual-data formed by the everyday man, dressed for the intention of the duties they hold to society; the DLR operator, the construction worker, the engineer or the window cleaner. Structured and defined uniform act as body-armour to conceal and protect the inner being whilst they go about their daily jobs.

This season we have tapped into the mind-set of the modern-day man that comfortably sits under the radar, camouflaged with khaki, grey, navy, and black against hints of neon orange and reflective strips. These highlights carefully positioned for when the wearer needs to be seen. 

Knits, waterproof and technical fabrics are used to complete the collection, paying homage to those wearing their required uniform every single day, in the working World.