Introducing What We Wear, by Tinie Tempah

Contemporary menswear brand inspired by the wardrobe of the everyday man, the debut collection; Pleats & Poppers, is constructed by incorporating timeless style with fashion forward pieces.  While the collection is handmade in London, inspiration has been drawn from different cultures, design and architecture from around the world.

The minimal aesthetic holds a key focus on four core fundamental elements; fabric, silhouette, texture and colour resulting in comfortable, easywear to take the wearer from day to night.

Subtle pleating and folding techniques have been a focal point from the start of the creative process and through development; a technique lends itself to a variety of garments. The pleats used have been developed and updated, lending a modern contemporary aesthetic to the collection.

To continue the minimal aesthetic of the collection, poppers were introduced prominently as garment fastening; as well as the muted colour pallet of navy, white, grey and black.

Fabrics used throughout the collection include neoprene, cotton, linen and nylon, each material lending itself to a different look. The materials are all in a heavier weight to achieve the desired silhouette, allowing the garment to hang loosely from the body.