How to pull off shorts this summer?

It wasn’t all that long ago that the opinions of wearing shorts anywhere away from your own back garden were anything but negative. With greater influences from sport and streetwear however, combining casual garments with smarter silhouettes has opened up a whole new attitude to showing a bit of leg around the office.

Despite the shift in collective options - you still have to tread carefully. It’s vital to maintain the appearance that your shorts become a natural part of your outfit rather than looking like they were the only thing left in your wardrobe.

Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it neutral.

When it comes to summer weddings, office attire or evening wear, the all white look is often
executed pretty embarrassingly. Therefore switching it up with a great pair of tailored shorts will not only help you to keep cool in the heat - but when broken up with a white t-shirt, bomber or jumper, it can also be your stand out summer wardrobe essential.

Navy is the traditional fall back for British men and looks particularly good in the sunshine. Darker shades offset against crisp clean colours create a great summer look.

If you need to smarten it up a bit, why not combine with a black long sleeve linen shirt to keep the sun off your arms and the colour ensures that sweat patches won’t be a problem.

The modern man cannot stand still

Whilst sportswear is such an influential factor in fashion, finding statement pieces that combine luxury technical fabrics with smarter silhouettes can prove to set you apart from the dreaded calling of a middle aged cargo short.

Socks or no socks, we will leave entirely up to you. If you go for ‘without’ route, we suggest invest- ing in some good trainer socks, however to nail the look, why not combine with a good pair of white socks.