Indian Summers: Where to Catch the Last of the Summer Sun

The rare beauty of an Indian Summer is always a welcome occurrence to us Brits in the dawn of the autumn, and joyously, we are due for the temperature levels to rise in September this year. However, for the sun chasers amongst you, we’ve put together our top three destinations to really make the most for the northern hemispheres final weeks of heat. Whether you’re a sun rise hunter partying till the first rays of light, a crystal water paddler or a foodie wanting something exotic on your palate, we’ve got something for every traveller.


Piran, Slovenia

Often regarded as one of Europe’s most hidden gems, Piran is situated on Slovenia’s short stretch of Mediterranean coastline - and is as photogenic as they come. A truly magical city, reminiscent of the terracotta roofed towns of the Dalmatian Coast, Piran has a unique charm, born within its rich history, culture and love of all things sun related. Narrow streets where shade can be sought lead to quiet squares lined with authentic eateries, vibe-filled bars and caffeine stops to re-fuel before heading back out into the sun. If you’re into your history, culture and impeccable sea food, then Prian is your place to go for a quiet Indian Summer getaway.

Not to miss

The best views of the city are had on the Walls of Prian, dating back to the 7th century. Epic vistas can be had of this golden city and out across the Adriatic Sea – something that must be done.

What to Wear

‘Keep your colour palates simple and your fabrics light in Piran, you need an outfit to transcend day to night’.


Madrid, Spain

Everyone should go to Madrid more than once in their life. The bustling and sizzling Spanish Capital has an atmosphere and lifestyle tough to let go once you’re on the plane home. You need to make the most of every hour you’re there, but thankfully, this is not hard to do so. Endless streets, parks and restaurants can be explored during the day, and hundreds of hipster drinking spots, sophisticated cocktail bars and beat driven clubs won’t even kick you out when the sun starts to rise. Located on a high plateau in the centre of the country, Madrid gets roasted in sunlight pretty much throughout the whole summer and well into the autumn, making it a guarantee for an Indian Summer getaway.

Not to miss

Get down to Mercado San Miguel from dawn till dusk to taste the best tapas you’ll ever have. Wash down with an array of Riojas - served all day every day.

What to Wear

‘Style is the king of the night in Madrid, so make sure your outfit is on point with darker colours and a smart tee’.

sunset for John-X2.jpg

Marrakesh, Morocco

Majesty and Marrakesh - two words that synonymously go together. Dive into Marrakesh and you
won’t come out the same person, for the tantalising souks, sensory overload and powerful food will enrich your soul and give you a different perspective to life. The closest city us Europeans have to exoticness, Marrakesh really has to be experienced to be appreciated, but let’s have a go with words, shall we? Overwhelming heat, smells from 1 million spices, streets forming souks from
faraway lands, 24/7 movement, the whine from the snake charmers on Jemaa el-Fnaa, serene
respite in tree shaded riads, the enticing call to pray, the hustling on every street corner and of
course, the unbelievable restaurants tucked away in the old quarte.

Not to miss

If the heat, hustle and smells ever got too much, escape to Le Jardin Majorelle. Saved from a hotel complex development by none other than Yves Saint Laurent, this tranquil garden will calm the soul before you head back out into the madness.

What to Wear

‘Marrakesh is a city of extravagance, so embrace it with bold white and black stripes and a light linen fabric’.