How to care for your linen shirts

A must have look for summer and early autumnal months, linen shirts can be dressed up for crowd-pleasing outfits or kept casual on those Indian summer afternoons. Giving a natural and authentic chic, linen has a unique characteristic, but to be kept at its best you need to know how to look after it.

Here is our 12-step guide to looking after your statement linen pieces…




  1. Always use a gentle cycle when cleaning your linen garments, if your washing machine has a linen setting then even better! 
  2. Do not over crowd your machine – this can cause twisting or pulling of your linen garments what might deform them out of shape. 
  3. Like with all machine washing, make sure you’re combining clothing of similar colour and weight with each wash. 
  4. Only use a mild detergent. 
  5. If you choose to hand wash your linen, use gentle swishing motions and never wring out, twist or scrub.
  6. When hand washing, make sure you’re using a clean sink and wash one item at a time. When rinsing, use the same gentle swishing motion until the water runs soap free. 

Drying/ironing your linen


  1. Try to dry your linen clothes flat on a clothes dryer or similar. If you have to hang, then opt for a padded coat hanger as they will fill the shoulder and neck areas out whilst drying.
  2. If you need to iron your linen, then do this whilst still slightly wet. Put your iron onto its linen setting and iron as you would any other garment. 

Storing your linen

  1. Don’t fold your linen and put into a draw, instead treat each of your linen garments to its own hanger. The larger form of a padded anger will ensure your linen pieces fall naturally whilst stored and retain their shape better. 

Travelling with your linen


  1. If you’re travelling a short distance with your linen, then keep it hung on a padded hanger to reduce the amount of creasing that might occur. 
  2. If you’re strapped for space, then place into a dry-cleaning bag and lightly fold in half, ensuring no pressure is exerted on the garments. 
  3. For long haul journeys, pack into the middle of the suitcase within a dry-cleaning bag. Once at your destination, unpack and hang as quickly as possible. 
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