Knock off goods becoming mainstream?

When will it end?

Its time people got acknowledged for the work they give to the world without being left in the dirt for corporate financial gain. Fashion is an industry where the creative thrive and if recent events are anything to go by, it seems that the power of trends is more important to buyers than being an individual. 

Not to long ago, Tinie Tempah took to Social media to expose Topshop for selling a piece of clothing which resembled the same style, font and phrase as his promotional merchandise for the release of his brand new album. Without the support from social media making the issue more known, some may have even turned an blind eye to the matter. But, this type of things isn't new in our day and age. 

Another example of this comes from across the pond in the sunny land of Los Angeles. Where Designer Tuesday Bassen (@tuesdaybassen) has taken to social media to blast clothing retailer Zara for stealing her designs. The brand has since been pulled up on many designs which they currently sell but nothing has been done to compensate those affected.

But there is hope. 

Making enough noise can sometimes get you the results you desire. In 2015, Rhianna won her appeal against Topshop for using her image on their stock without her permission 

And yes i’m aware that she is a mega star, but the fact is, wrong is wrong and and everyone deserves justice if previously wrong did. The situation is a bit different, using ones image as opposed to designs veers into a different political conversation, but if you don't make noise you wont be heard. 

What can we do to put an end to the corporate copycats?